MARQUETTE — We are six days away from the NHL preseason contest between the Hurricanes and the Sabres. In order for Lakeview Arena to host the game, Marquette Parks and Recreation staff had to make some modifications to the playing surface.

The National Hockey League requires six–foot tall side glass for any game. Lakeview Arena’s side glass was only four foot tall.

Using some of the money they received from winning the Kraft Hockeyville USA contest, officials were able to get the necessary glass from another hockey venue– the Pepsi Center, home of the Colorado Avalanche.

“We have a significant improvement in our visibility with the glass that we have with the NHL standard glass. We’re excited about that,” said Andrew MacIver, Marquette Parks & Recreation Coordinator.

“We did a lot of work on our boards shoring those up. We replaced our cap rail, the plastic up at the top there. We have also done a lot of work on our benches and some of the other things making sure we’re all set to go for the game,” MacIver added.

When it comes to totally spending the $150,000 from winning the contest, MacIver said they are still in the process of figuring out what to do with the money.