Middle School students got a forestry field trip

MARQUETTE — Students from three school districts in Marquette County got to spend some time outside today learning about an important aspect of the Upper Peninsula’s environment.

Fifth through eighth graders gathered at Presque Isle in Marquette to participate in a three–course field day that exposed them to various aspects of forestry and natural resource management.

Students had a chance to learn about forest products as well as the health of forests and their effect on the ecosystem. They also had an opportunity to learn how forestry professionals measure trees.

“We wanted to get as many students together as we could — to get them excited about trees and outdoor education — and to have an opportunity to learn about what educational opportunities and professions might be available to them as they get older,” said Justin Miller, President of Green Timber Consulting Foresters. “Because we have so many trees in the U.P., we feel it’s important for the kids living here to be very familiar with the trees, their uses, and our dependence on them.”

Transportation of the students to Presque Isle was made possible by a Forest Stewardship Grant from the Michigan DNR.