LANSING — State Representative Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) continues to voice his opposition to the Capitol View project in Lansing.

Dianda introduced a resolution in the State House on Wednesday, requesting an investigation by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette into the process of the State Senate agreeing to lease office space in the building.

He wants to know whether any laws were broken during that process. Dianda believes money would be better spent fixing up the Senate’s current facility.

“It needs anywhere from $10 to $15 million worth of repair,” said Dianda. “It needs a new roof. It needs a furnace system — just like we have to deal with in the U.P. with our homes and our small businesses — but we fix things. We maintain them, and we fix things. Down here, the understanding is, ‘well let’s just build new, or let’s buy new or rent.’ We’re going to spend $134 million over the next thirty years to pay rent when we own a building free and clear.”

Dianda also introduced a bill back in April that would prohibit both houses of the legislature from entering into contracts to buy, develop, or lease any property for use by elected officials that might also house a lobbyist. The Capitol View building is allegedly home to registered lobbyists.