MARQUETTE– It was a rainy Saturday morning at Presque Isle, but that didn’t seem to hinder people from coming out to support a local family.

It was the first annual Amarah’s Princess Parade. For Wayne Filizetti, it was a time to honor his daughter, who’s tragic death one year ago still resonates. He didn’t have to do it alone.

“The U.P. never stops amazing me,” Filizetti said. “I mean it was raining, pouring rain, today and we still have over 100 people here and we’re still registering right now.”

It was an event worthy of royalty, with attendees dressing up as princes and princesses and walking around Presque Isle Park. And according to one of Amarah’s teachers, Sarah Thompson, “She loved to dress up, so this is the best way to remember her.”

Participants were encouraged to donate to Amarah’s Light, a non–profit created by her parents to help other parents going through the grieving process. Filizetti said, “Amarah’s light supports grieving parents and children through various ways.”

Behind it all was the memory of a very special little girl.

“She could light up a room, always smiling, always giggling, always the life of the party,” Filizetti said, “That was my daughter.”

Thompson said, “You couldn’t not be around her and smile.”

For more information on Amarah’s Light, their website can be found here.