MARQUETTE — A Grand Opening celebration was held earlier today for NeuroTrainer in downtown Marquette.

NeuroTrainer is a unique training site that is the only one of its kind in the entire world. A variety of services are offered to assist people with issues such as stress, lack of sleep, ADHD, and much more. A neuro spa, using virtual reality with a simulated beach, and a neuro gym are just a few of the services available.

The founder of NeuroTrainer decided on opening this testing site in Marquette, because it is a special place for him.

“I grew up here in Marquette, Marquette is a great place for our test site, that’s what this is. It’s a place where clients can come in and get access to the first versions of our technologies and they can give us feedback and they can get the world’s first access to these amazing brain training services,” said NeuroTrainer Founder/CEO, Dr. Jeff Nyquist.

The Founder himself grew up with ADHD and throughout his life studied on better ways to assist people who suffer from the same disorder. After getting a PhD from Vanderbilt University, he feels prepared to just that.

“We’re told a lot in life about who we are and what our limits are and it’s b.s., we have way more power than we think we do. If we’re given the right tools and were committed to it, we can become anything we want to become. And it’s fun, we call it [gamified] medicine,” said Nyquist.

Anyone is invited to stop the training site during normal business hours and sign up for a monthly membership.