High school students preparing live online broadcast

KINGSFORD — Classes are already underway at schools around Dickinson County, and one high school is using the extra time to get ready to talk to the world.

Second year digital video editing students at Kingsford High School are working to create a live news show that will be broadcast on the internet using Facebook Live. The show — dubbed the ‘The Morning Blue’ — has the potential to reach watchers from around the world.

“It will be good for students because they’ll get to get their voice out there and have it in a worldwide environment,” said computer teacher Jeff Harry, “and it’s going to be interactive, so other people who are online on Facebook can participate in the live news show.”

After seeing a similar broadcast online, Harry thought it would be a good way to help teach production techniques to his students. So far, reaction to the unique idea has been positive.

“Everybody was onboard right away, ’cause it just seemed kind of novel. No one else has done it, and it’s kind of new, so there’s a lot of buzz about it, I guess,” Harry added. “The kids are fired up to do it. We’ve been down working in our studio trying to get it looking good, and we have some ideas. So, yeah, they’re excited to start it.”

‘The Morning Blue’ debuts next Friday. Click here to follow Breitung Township Schools on Facebook for more.