MARQUETTE — People of all ages had the opportunity to learn about Marquette’s rich history through a tour of the Park Cemetery.

The Marquette Regional History Center invited the public to attend their Tombstone Detectives event. At this event, participants were given tours of the Park Cemetery and told stories about the exceptional characters from the U.P.’s history that were buried there.

This tour was focused on previous Olympians who either trained or were from the Marquette area.

“Well we have such a great history in the area and with the Olympics just ending, we thought it would really be fun to do a sports themed. So we are able to meet one of Marquette’s greatest athletes who was a wrestler and also developed his special technique that he was known for later on,” said Head Librarian at Longyear Library, Rosemary Michelin.

Children were also able to interact with the characters and participate in a variety of unique activities.

“There will be an opportunity for the young people or the young at heart to actually visit different tombstone and so some rubbing using paper and crayons very carefully, and make an impression on a piece of paper,” Michelin continued.

These tours give people from the area a chance to learn more about their roots in the U.P. Tours such as this one do only happen once a year, but each year has a different theme to look forward to.