U.P. fair celebrating a monumental celebration

IRON COUNTY — The Iron County Fair is celebrating a big birthday this weekend.

This year’s one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the Iron County Fair was a reminiscent and joyous occasion. The Iron County Fair Superintendent Dave Callovi said, “The nice thing about the one hundred and twenty-fifth annual fair this year, is we have dedications. We have a Bernhardt Exhibit Building that we’re dedicating this year at the fair, we’re gonna be dedicating a walk-way to James Barry.”

Harold Bernhardt and James Barry were two exceptional men that devoted their time and energy to keeping the Iron County Fair, lighthearted and entertaining for 50 years. Dave stated, “They’ve been at the fair since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I guess that’s the best way to put it, and I’ve got forty-seven years as a 4-H leader, so, I’ve been around awhile and they were here a long time before me. And they are missed by the fair board.”

From nine in the morning until eight or nine at night there is always something going on at the Iron County Fair. Dave explains, “The fair for Iron County is just a gathering place for the youth to get together and have a good time.

“The different adults to come around, people you don’t see very often, at least when you come up to the fair, you get to see people that if it’s only once a year,” said Dave Callovi. “I know I’m gonna get a chance to see them at the fair. There’s people I grew up with, I see at the fair once a year, it’s just a great get together, have a good time and talk.”

The Iron County Fair is Scheduled through Sunday for those looking for a good time.