MARQUETTE — November is fast approaching, but voters have an important stop coming up before the big Presidential election.

The August 2nd primary is less than two weeks away. Participation in the primary allows voters to decide on local issues like city and township millages while also choosing which candidates will appear on the November ballot.

“Some people don’t decide to do the primary. They focus more on the general, but the candidate maybe that you want won’t be on the general if you don’t come out for the primary,” said Marquette County Clerk Linda Talsma. “When I look back at the 2012 [elections], I had about a 24 percent turnout for the primary, and I had a 60 percent turnout for the general. So I would really like to see those numbers go up for the primary.”

Voters should be aware that they can only vote within one party on the partisan section of their ballots.

“If you vote for one on the Republican side, and then you cross over and vote over on the Democratic side, it’s going to reject the ballot, meaning the ballot will be spoiled and you’ll have to do it again,” Talsma added.

To check your registration status and find out which polling place you can cast your vote at, visit