Food services at top of board agenda

ISHPEMING — In recent weeks, Ishpeming Board of Education meetings have been intense and populated. Tonight, the conversation took a much more tame tone. And at the top of the agenda, a food service contract that could change the way lunch is provided for the students.

Superintendent, Carrie Meyer, explained, “We are looking to approve a food service contract with Chartwells Food Service. Our district decided last month to move forward with contracting out food services with the new kitchen facility we have here at Ishpeming with the renovations.”

The interest in Chartwells came about because of the company’s specialization in providing food services; including how best to prepare the food and serve it efficiently using Ishpeming High School’s renovated cafeteria.

They did get an approval from the Michigan Department of Education on the contract Chartwells provided. Now, it’s up to the board of education on whether or not to move forward.