MARTINIQUE– An Upper Peninsula city has received some recognition for their hard work to improve its water.

The United States Department of Agriculture will be featuring Manistique as a success story on its website. The recognition comes from the city’s work to improve their water and sewage systems.

Jim Turner, the Director of Rural Development for Michigan came to Manistique today to tour the water treatment plant. Before the tour, he noted how great it is to invest in small town America.

“I think they’re special places, I grew up in a small town,” He said, “Everybody know you’re name and everybody know what you’re doing. If you do something you shouldn’t do your parents know about it before you get home.”

Mike Rupinski said, “This project represents a multi–agency, multi–organizational cooperative effort”

Last year, the American Water Work Association rated Manistique’s water as the best tasting water in the state. Upgrades to the city’s facilities were made possible with help from the Michigan Department of Transportation and the U–S–D–A.