Cross country traveler makes stop in U.P.

MUNISING — One man has set out to visit all 412 national parks around the country, with his most recent trip being right here in the U.P.

Mikah, a 30-year old Nebraska native decided to start going on road trips after his Father passed away from cancer. He has gone on several road trips around the country but this one stays specific to National Parks.

“This is my home for the next three years, and like every Mother dreams for their 30-year old I am living in a van down by the river. But also Lakeshores, parks, grasslands, and every other unit of the United States National Park system” said Traveler, Mikah Meyer.

Mikah’s most recent stop has been in our neck of the woods, right at the Pictured Rocks. For a first time visit to the Upper Peninsula, he found Yoopers to have a great sense of pride for their home.

“Everybody in the U.P. raves about the U.P. I think if you met someone from Texas, we all know Texans feel about Texas. I think people from the U.P. feel the same about the U.P. and the weather has been spectacular” said Meyer.

Mikah was excited to hop on one of the Pictured Rocks Cruises and see the natural beauty of Michigan. If you want to keep up to date on his journey or donate to his road trip, click here.