HARVEY — From now until the end of time, 13 acres of land in Marquette County will mainly stay the way it currently is thanks to the efforts of a non–profit organization.

The Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy now owns the property, located between Marquette and Harvey near the mouth of the Chocolay River. Several different animals, from waterfowls to birds and even fish are constantly seen in the area. Officials spent almost a year raising the one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars needed to purchase the property.
Through grants and donations, they were able to do just that.

With the land now in their possession, the organization is planning to do a couple of things to improve the area.

“We’re not going to do a lot there. We want to keep it pretty wild,” said Chris Burnett, executive director of the UPLC. “We will have some trails and probably a little boat landing, signage interpretation of natural history and we’ll put in a little parking lot. Basically the area will be undeveloped for people to enjoy the outdoors.”

The UPLC will commemorate owning the land with a special ceremony on Saturday, September 10th.