UPPER PENINSULA — Sometimes to know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been. Steelers wide receiver Marcus Tucker is enjoying his time in Pittsburgh, but he makes time to come back to the U.P. to visit his old stomping grounds at Northern Michigan University.

Tucker paid a visit to the Wildcats football camp last week to help out aspiring young football players. He says he’s spent the majority of his time training since the Steelers signed him back in May and he’s enjoyed getting ready for the pros.

“The best experience is the people that I’ve come across. I feel like I’ve come across so many great people and positive people that want to extend a helping hand along the way. And ultimately, that’s what pushed me forward to be more successful in what it is that I’m trying to do,” Tucker said.

Tucker is added to a short list of Wildcats who have made it to an NFL roster. Although he is originally from Flint, he takes pride in coming from a small college, similar to a few of his teammates in the NFL.

“A lot of those guys talk about how hard it is to make it where they’re from. But it’s so hard to make it when you’re from the U.P. and that’s the truth. I take my hat off to this community and these guys, a bunch of hard–working people and hard–working individuals and I just take my hat off to the city and I hope that one day I’m able to make this community and this environment and this school proud,” said Tucker.

Tucker will be reporting to Steelers training camp on July 25th.