Fireworks barge appears to catch fire, shoots rogue fireworks

UPDATE — 2:52 p.m. Tuesday, July 5, 2016 (EDT) If you happened to be one of the thousands of people who saw the breathtaking firework show in Marquette last night, you may have noticed that the barge from which the fireworks launched caught fire.

^Video seen here, shot by 11-year-old videographer Cooper Korhonen, appears to show Marquette fireworks barge catching fire and shooting rogue explosives.

It’s believed that the flames emerged in response to sparks falling back down from the fireworks on to the wooden launch area. According to a Marquette City Commissioner who also serves as a coordinator for the annual display, the flames were nothing to be of concern.

“Some of the racks are still made out of wood. A majority of the racks are now made out of metals, and they think that’s probably what caught fire because they’re going through rotation of getting rid of all the wood racks,” said Marquette City Commissioner Tom Baldini. “The great thing about it is, nobody’s harmed and nobody’s injured.”

Baldini also added that the launch location is extremely safe especially because no one is on the barge when the display begins. The fire eventually died down on the barge.

MARQUETTE — After Marquette’s fireworks display Monday evening, many onlookers witnessed flames and smoke coming from the location of the launch pad barge in Mattson Lower Harbor.

It appears the fire was not planned as rogue explosives launched into the water, but more precise information regarding what happened is unknown at this time.

There is no official word from the Fire Department regarding the fire, or if there are any injuries. The fire is now contained, and the public is out of danger.

ABC 10 / CW 5 News will have more on this story and a possible statement from the city’s fireworks committee regarding the incident. This is not an uncommon occurrence during Lower Harbor’s fireworks display. The barge has caught fire in the past.

Local fire crews, the United States Coast Guard, and other emergency officials take precautions to avoid injuries and put out flames quickly after they spark.

Tune in Tuesday to ABC 10 News Now for more information.