Fireworks big hit this past Saturday

CHANNING — While most of the Fourth of July Festivities were held today, one small Upper Peninsula town held their annual holiday celebration on Saturday.

About one thousand people lined both sides of M–95 in Channing, as the local American Legion Post, fire trucks, Santa Claus and even some baby goats made their way through the town.

The annual parade in Channing is a homecoming of sorts for many past and present residents of the area. Both Grand Marshals told us that seeing the parade roll through town each and every year never gets old.

“It’s a whole bunch of fun when we get over to the baseball complex over there, hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers and then beer.”

“Everybody gathers here. If they’re coming home, if they live away, they are going to come home on the Fourth of July, so you’re going to see everybody you have not seen since maybe the year before or maybe many years before, but they come home on the Fourth of July. That’s what it means to me.”

In addition to the parade, The Sagola Township Fire Department and Sportsman’s Club served up burgers and brats to hungry festival goers.

To end the day a fireworks display was held at dusk.