ISHPEMING — The downtown streets of Ishpeming were crowded earlier today with cotton candy, pony rides, and treasures.

The Festival of Treasures Street Fair is an annual event held around the time of the Fourth of July. During this street fair, several streets in downtown Ishpeming are blocked off giving ample room for vendors to set up and sell their products. For many local businesses, it’s a chance to interact with their community and inform everyone on the services they offer.

“I love the people in Ishpeming, it’s my hometown I grew up here.” Said Rare Earth Goods Owner, Pam Perkins, “I just love seeing the people that come home for the Fourth that I haven’t seen so that’s a good point.”

The festival had a variety of treasures being sold, such as clothes, jewelry, and even furniture. It was also nearly impossible to leave the festival hungry, for their was multiple food stands with kettle corn, hot dogs, and elephant ears.
There was something for everyone of all ages at the event.

“We have been riding the horses and we ate some elephant ears” said by 7-year old festival attendee.

The festival was held to kick off the Holiday weekend.