Library director discusses new contract with township

MARQUETTE — After not having a contract for a majority of the year, there is now one in place between Peter White Public Library and Marquette Township.

The two sides were able to come to an agreement at a meeting Tuesday night. Officials with Marquette Township terminated the former deal earlier this year.

The township had the same contract going with library for nearly 23 years. Both parties involved were able to come up with a two-year deal that everyone agreed to.

“It means our funding is secure for another two years,” said PWPL Director Andrea Ingmire. “There was a lot of back and forth on this contract and I don’t think either side saw the contract failing or their not being a contract signed when it was all said and done.”

The contract will keep Marquette Township at its current millage rate for the library, which will help keep money coming in for one of Marquette’s most popular places.

“Libraries across the country are in the same position where you’re trying on the one hand to really be what your community wants from you, but you also have to have the financial resources to make that happen and to keep your staffing consistent,” said Ingmire.

According to Ingmire, the Michigan Tax Tribunal still has a number of cases to decide, which could alter the library’s funding in the future.