BARK RIVER — Northern Sun Winery in Bark River recently won its second gold medal in an international competition for its white wine, called ‘La Crescent.’

Owners Dave and Suzie Anthony have been growing grapes since 1999. The Anthony’s opened up the winery five years ago.

They’ve proved to people that you can make some of the best grapes and the best wine in the world right here in the U.P.

“Everything that they put in a bottle is grown right here in Bark River,” said Dave Anthony. “Over the last five years we’ve grown in production. We’re in what’s known as the banana belt in the U.P. We’re in the south, central area which has a unique, micro-climate potential,” he added.

Their award winning wine has also received recognition from one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

“Cornell University did a write up on these cold-hardy grapes and they made reference to La Crescent and it’s potential,” said Suzie Anthony. “They made specific reference to Northern Sun Winery’s La Crescent to try that because it’s the standard of what the grape can do.”

This year’s crop of grapes will be ready in time for next year’s competition. Each vine takes about four years to develop.

Northern Sun Winery is open Thursday through Sunday from May until Christmas.