HANCOCK — A trip to the hospital may not be a fun way to spend a Saturday, unless it’s to the Health and Safety Fair.

Who knew getting fit and staying healthy could be this much fun? At the 8th annual Health and Safety Fair presented by U.P. Health System—Portage, participants were treated to an array of free health screenings and other available services.

Health & Fitness Manager Angela Luskin said, “First of all, our mission here at U.P. Health System—Portage is to improve the health of the community, and this event ties directly with that mission. We’re trying to reach as many people as we can with these free screenings, with this free education—and that’s why we do it.”

Children are a big part of the fair, they were given a chance to try and tackle the Strider bike course with one lucky winner getting to take a bike home. One hundred kids were fitted with a free bike helmet so mom and dad can feel more at ease. And to make sure their children are safe riding in the car, experts checked things out at the Car Seat Clinic.

One of the goals of the fair is to present all this useful information in way that’s enjoyable for the public. Luskin said, “We want you to take away with some education and some tips for living healthier and learning what we have to offer here, but doing it in a relaxed, fun environment.”

If only going to the doctor was this much fun, but maybe after learning some of the health and safety tips you won’t have to go as often.