Family blames hospital negligence for death of a mother and newborn

MARQUETTE — A memorial fund has been set up to support the family of the deceased, to cover funeral and medical expenses after an unexpected death.

The uncle of a woman who died at UP Health Systems – Marquette Thursday after an emergency C-section took to social media with allegations of hospital negligence.

According to a public post on Facebook by Jim Paquette, Emily Dishaw was taken to the emergency room at UPHS – Marquette Thursday morning at 5:00 a.m. by her fiance, reportedly experiencing severe chest pains, and pain in her left arm. Dishaw was 32 weeks pregnant.

A short time later at the ER, after a cursory exam, she was sent home and told that she was probably suffering from a “panic attack”. The family was told it was nothing serious.

Paquette claims that while Dishaw was at the hospital she was told during her time in the ER that there were other priorities. It’s alleged that the nurse left her alone to go somewhere else.

“Rich and Emily then drove back home where she almost immediately collapsed on to the floor,” said Paquette. “She was unresponsive and not breathing, and so Rich called for an ambulance. All of the time this is happening, their two year old daughter was there watching.”

Although his statements come in the wake of discontent with the situation, the family wants to clarify that not the entire staff was at fault, and compassionate members of the hospital did share in their concerns. “There were many concerned and outstanding staff members who tried to help us and Emily when she was brought by ambulance to the ER,” said Paquette. “Our hearts, even as grieving family members, went out to the caring nurses and others who did so much to help us in our time of need.”

U.P. Health System – Marquette provided ABC 10 with the following statement regarding this story:

“UP Health System – Marquette is deeply saddened by this loss, and our hearts go out to the family of the deceased. Due to patient privacy laws, we are unable to discuss this or any situation involving current or former patients. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.”

EMTs arrived and tried everything to get her heart beating again, but she had already been not breathing with no heart beat for several minutes. Emergency medical crews were able to get a weak heartbeat, and transported Dishaw back to the emergency room.

Paquette says UPHS – Marquette staff immediately performed an emergency C-section to attempt to save the baby’s life, but it was too late to save the mother. A short time later, they pronounced Emily Dishaw dead. An autopsy reportedly shows the cause of death was a serious cardiac issue.

The baby was delivered eight weeks premature. Issues with a lack of oxygen caused the baby to die Friday evening.

Paquette took to social media to accuse the staff at UPHS of “complete lack of proper professional medical care.” The family has plans to seek legal counsel over the incident.

“That was completely ignored by the ER staff a short time before her death,” said Paquette. “Marquette General already has a shit name for itself, but this complete lack of proper professional medical care for a 32 week pregnant 28 year old mom is just beyond belief. No words can describe the pain this family is going through at this point. To hear Emily’s little girl crying for her mom in the ER waiting room yesterday morning was gut wrenching and it is a sound I will live with my entire life.”

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to support Emily Dishaw.

Posted by Andrew Lorinser on Monday, June 6, 2016

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