MARQUETTE — The Women’s Center in Marquette is receiving a grant to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The grant was given by the M.E. Davenport Foundation who wants to help end domestic violence. The Women’s Center has an emergency shelter for victims, titled Harbor House. This safe area is completely free to the victims and also offers various services as well.

The grant will go directly to the lodging at Harbor House to help maintain these services.

“We get them into new housing, safe housing, we work them on education opportunities, employment opportunities, we give them parenting skills, many different things.”

The Davenport Foundation donated a three year grant that is worth more than $100,000. The Women’s Center staff was excited to receive the grant and be able to continue their fulfilling positions.

“We have such a good staff here and in Alger County also. They work hard, they have a passion for what they do and so it’s just very rewarding to think you are helping people who really need your help.”

The Women’s Center encourages anyone who faces domestic violence or sexual assault to contact them.