HARRIS — Local business people gathered in Delta County today for a big networking and learning experience.

The Uppertunities Tourism and Professional Development Conference offers attendees a chance to learn about marketing and the economics of events and festivals. While much of the focus is on tourism, the conference also includes a trade show for local vendors.

“What I think people walk away with from this conference is a sense of pride and knowing that they’re involved in a great collaboration and a lot of wonderful assets and a lot of wonderful events and activities that this Upper Peninsula has to provide to all visitors,” said Vickie Micheau, Executive Director of the Delta County Area Chamber of Commerce.

Organizers at the Delta County Area Chamber of Commerce took the conference as an opportunity to present the grandstand entertainment lineup for this year’s U.P. State Fair. Artists like Bret Michaels and Herman’s Hermits will provide musical entertainment, while mud drags and fireworks will also entertain visitors.

“We absolutely know that there is something for everybody at the 2016 Michigan State Fair in the Upper Peninsula,” Micheau added.

The Fair runs August 15th through the 21st. Click here for more information.