Family speaks after DNR confirms wolves attack family pet

WARNING: Photos included in this post are extraordinarily graphic, and not for the faint of heart. Please be advised before reading further, the graphic photos are included for journalistic purposes. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

FLORENCE, WISC. — A family in Northern Wisconsin that lives just three quarters of a mile from the southern U.P., is speaking out tonight, one week after their family pet was killed by an animal that is currently federally protected.

“She was just a real nice family pet. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body,” said Thomas Tuchalski, describing his mother–in–law’s dog, Suzie.

“She was fun, all of my kids and grandkids just loved the hell out of her,” said Carmen Davis, Suzie’s owner.

She was one of the friendliest dogs in Florence.

Suzie, a five–year–old Walker Dog, was killed in the early morning hours of May 17th, right in her own backyard, by at least two or more wolves.

“She always runs off into the edge of the field here to do her job and she never returned,” said Carmen Davis, Suzie’s owner.
“My uncle found the body,” said Tuchalski. “It was a very horrific scene.”

Suzie’s body was nearly unrecognizable. The damage to Suzie was so horrific that we can’t show it on TV.

Davis contacted the Wisconsin DNR later that day. Officials inspected the attack site and told Davis that two or more wolves attacked Suzie.

Wolves are currently a federally protected species. Davis lives on a farm with her kids, grandkids and many animals close by.

Everyone is concerned for their safety going forward.

“They’re encroaching more on residential areas,” said Tuchalski. “The dog was an 80 or 90–pound dog. Our children don’t even weigh that much. Just a couple of weeks before that happened, they were out there flying kites in the same area where that happened.”

“All I know is that I’ll protect my family,” said Davis. “I think all of us feel the same way.”

Suzie was Carmen’s only dog. When asked if she would be getting another dog anytime soon, Carmen said no because of the wolf problem she says is in the area.

Our calls to the Wisconsin DNR about the attack have not been returned.

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We lost a family member and pet early this morning. This happened only a few yards from the house. My mother in law let…

Posted by Tom Tuchalski on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The following photos are graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.