Michigan State Police buckling down during Memorial weekend

Negaunee — Law enforcement across Michigan will be cracking down on drivers not wearing seat belts.

With Memorial Weekend coming up, law enforcement around the state are preparing for drivers who are not wearing seat belts. The Click it or Ticket campaign was created to inform the public on the importance of wearing a safety belt. In 2015, more than 180 victims in traffic crashes throughout the state of Michigan were not wearing a safety belt. If a driver is found without a seatbelt over Memorial weekend, they will be fined.

“If you’re not wearing a safety belt, is will be $65 ticket so we encourage people again that it’s not to write tickets, again it’s to safe lives that are out there and we want to make sure people are wearing their safety belts.”

Seat belt enforcement zones were placed on May 23rd and will continue until June 5th. These zones are clearly marked with large road signs. Michigan State police are urging the importance of all passengers in the vehicle wearing seat belts.

“And we want to remind people you know, that the driver does have to be buckled along with all passengers in the back seat that are fifteen and under have to be belted.” Said TPR. Stacey Rasanen, “so again it is always safer whether you are in the front or the back to make sure you have your safety belt on.”

The State Police also wanted to remind everyone that children who are 4’9” or shorter and less than 8 years old, must be in a car seat. Rasanen said that wearing a seat belt is the quickest and easiest step to travel safely.