IRON MOUNTAIN — Earlier today the Iron Mountain VA Medical Center helped veterans during a wellness event called, ‘Walking the Recovery Road.’

Alternative medicine including acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, Chinese herbalists, and other types of holistic wellness were the focus of the event. Veterans and civilians in attendance heard from local licensed professionals. This is the first holistic wellness event the VA has held. The idea stemmed from a large number of Native veterans.

“In the past years they would say you have to treat the whole person,” said Public Affairs Officer Brad Nelson, “that’s the soul, the spirit, the spirituality of it. When you think of it, no matter what faith we are, that all plays a part into our recovery or wellness, and we’re recognizing that.”

This wellness event also included veterans sharing their stories of healing as they walk the recovery road. The next major event held at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Care Facility will be on Memorial Day.