U.P. radio show 'Telephone Time' broadcasting for a half century

IRON RIVER — A local radio station has played host to a unique and long running talk show for over fifty years now. ABC 10’s Iron County Bureau reporter Jennifer Farley tells us the story of Telephone Time.

WIKB in Iron River has been broadcasting Telephone Time for half a century. The show allows community members to call in and buy, sell, and trade, as well as talk about the local events and happenings in the area.

“They can call for just about whatever they want,” said Telephone Time Host Brad Zima. “They can call with any kind of talking point, actually, and just call and just about anything they want, and just kind of chat for three hours, six days a week.”

Host Brad Zima is the latest in a long and distinguished line of radio personalities to take the reins of Telephone Time.
In addition to taking the regular calls, Zima has been part of fundraising events for the community.

“It’s also nice to be able to help when people need help, there’s certain feel good stories, that happen from [Telephone Time] and it’s just over all pretty rewarding,” Zima added.

This show is one of the few radio programs that doesn’t focus on political news.

Zima said, “We keep politics completely off of Telephone Time. It’s more of a direct line to the community.”
You can listen to Telephone Time from nine am to noon Monday through Saturday.