MARQUETTE — A $6.3 million bond proposal could help satisfy classroom expansion for Marquette Public Schools. Wednesday afternoon, a rally was held at Marquette Senior High School to make one of the bond’s details as clear as possible.

Students, teachers, athletes, coaches, and parents gathered near the high school’s canopy entrance for a brief time; to remind the public that though the proposed amount sounds colossal, it is not an increase in the public’s taxes.

“What the bond proposal is and what it’s going to do without increasing anyone’s taxes,” emphasized Jay Peterson, an advocate of the bond, “is it’s going to allow some expanded elementary classroom space.”

Peterson, a basketball coach at the school also explained that the bond would also help provide a new auxiliary gym, as well as renovations to Kaufman Auditorium and the Shirus Planetarium. To add also, improvements to the football field and track.

“This is an opportunity to generate large amounts of money that would help the school district without an increase in the taxes,” Peterson added, “This is kind of a unique situation for our taxes to stay the same. And actually, after two years, the taxes start to dip.”

If it passes, the bond would run through 2030. Voting takes place on May 3rd.