ISHPEMING — National Work Zone Awareness Week continues and for good reason.

Even though major construction sites can be easy to recognize, there are other road repair areas that may not be. Watchful, vigilant driving practices are still key when driving near mobile maintenance zones.

“When the worker sees the driver slow down and acknowledge their presence, it puts them a little more at ease,” said Marquette County Road Commission Engineer Manager Jim Iwanicki, “and helps them, and reassures them that this person is paying attention.”

Even though most drivers know they should pay attention to the road at all times, it’s crucial to not become complacent.

“It’s the little things, like if you drop something in the car; don’t reach down to pick it up. Wait until you get to a complete stop. Stay off of the cell-phone, don’t be doing personal hygiene as you’re driving,” Iwanicki said. “Those things are what we really find are important.”

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