MUNISING — The May third elections will allow community members to vote on several ballot measures, including bond proposals for schools around the area.

For the first time since 1978, Munising will have a bond proposal on the ballot.The previous bond was responsible for the building of the current middle and high school.

This sixteen million dollar bond would span over thirty years and would give thirty percent to necessary renovations and upgrades. It will also relocate it’s students closer to the middle and high school and in addition it will cost 60% of the bond proposal.

In addition to an elementary wing being added to the existing structure, updates to the technology are included in the proposal as well.

“I think every community has an obligation to educate their students in a quality environment. We’re presently educating our elementary students in a building that’s nearly a century old,” said Munising Pubic Schools Superintendent Pete Kelto. “That’s really the impetus behind this. We’re trying to upgrade our environment into a 21st century environment to prepare students for jobs in this century.”

The elementary school in question won’t go to waste if students are relocated to the high school. The proposal includes a contingent buyer for Mather Elementary, who will turn it into an apartment complex. The board found this time to be ideal as the debt on the current facility will be paid off in May.

“Presently, we are levying 3.24 mils fro all taxpayers in the community that go toward school debt,” Kelto added. We would be asking to extend that millage and add another 2.4 mils. So as an example, for someone in the community or in our district owns a $100,000 home, it would be an increase of taxes of about $10 a month.”

If approved, rigorous construction would start in the fall of 2016 with the goal of using the new facility in the fall of 2017.