It's Library Week!

PORTAGE LAKE — It’s National Library Week! Amanda L’Esperance shows us how one U.P. library is celebrating.

The Portage Lake District Library has a lot to offer and it’s all on display during National Library Week! The library’s director, Dillon Geshel, used the week to showcase new resources coming to library.

Geshel said, “National Library Week is hosted in April of every year and it’s a great opportunity for libraries to highlight the work they do in and for the community. So this week, we’re highlighting a lot of our resources. We’re premiering a new resource called Instantflix, which is a digital streaming service that has over 7,000 short films, independent films and documentaries.”

Instantflix will work a lot like Netflix and is available to anyone with a library card. The video streaming resource is not the only new digital resource the Portage Lake District Library is launching this week.

Geshel said, “We’ll be premiering another new resource called SCOLA. SCOLA is a non–profit organization that receives and re–transmits radio and television broadcasts from countries in their home language. So a lot of news broadcasts and things like that from foreign countries. We think it will be really neat to offer to foreign exchange students at the local universities.”

A lot of libraries are launching resources similar to these in order to cater to the digital needs of the community. Make sure you visit your local library for National Library Week!