MARQUETTE — The Ore Dock Brewing Company is planning to ring in the spring with a special event Saturday.

Come snow or shine, the third annual Festival of the Angry Bear will be hitting Spring Street in Marquette. The festival is named after the brewery’s Angry Bear Flanders Brown beer, which will be ready — along with a few other special sour selections — just in time for the festivities.

“That’s when our beers kind of finish aging in the barrel,” said Brewery Liaison Adam Robarge. “Bears are coming out of hibernation. We’re coming out of hibernation. So we just kind of really — this all revolves around that particular beer.”

Attendees will not only get to enjoy the beer with some live music and food. Presentations from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Marquette County Conservation District, and the Yooper Bluegrass Society will round out the occasion.

“Outside under the big tent is kind of where the party happens, but then up in the community space, we have a number of events going on, because we really want to promote this as kind of a family-friendly, open to the entire public event,” Robarge added.

The Festival of the Angry Bear kicks off at 3:00 p.m. The all-ages portion runs until 9:00, and the celebration will continue until closing time at 1:00 a.m.