MARQUETTE — Some local families took a walk on the spicy side tonight at an annual Chili cook off.

Elementary schools from Marquette Area Public Schools held their second annual chili cook off tonight to fundraise for the fifth grade outdoor camping trip at Bay Cliff.

“This is our second annual, so we’ve been doing this for our second year. This is the first time we’re doing it as a competition between the four schools, so each school prepares their own chili, so we’re trying to find out who the best cook is among the four schools.”

Friends and family could try the four different chili’s and vote on which was their favorite. A tough choice – but all for good fun and a good cause, a great weekend making great memories at camp.

Principal for Cherry Creek Elementary School Travis Smith says, “It’s a great opportunity for students to really take the classroom outside, and so you have those similar lessons that you would learn in the class, but in addition to that you have some of those life skills that you will carry with you as you get to enjoy the Upper Peninsula.”

Chocolay township Police Chief and Chili Enthusiast Greg Zyburt says, “These kids are going to remember this for the rest of their lives, so it really is a special, special thing for them to be able to go there and to experience what they get to do.”

There was also a DJ for the kids to show off their killer dance moves and a silent auction for community members to win some killer prizes.