Open water fishing season begins in Upper Peninsula

KEWEENAW PENINSULA — The DNR Fisheries Division held three meetings this week with Western U.P. communities about this year’s fishing season. ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance tells us more.

April 1st marks the first day of the open water fishing season. The DNR Fisheries Division holds community meetings this time of year to answer any questions anglers might have about the upcoming season. George Madison, a Fisheries Supervisor presented at the 3 Western Upper Peninsula meetings, including the last one in Houghton.

Madison said, “The main purpose of these programs is to listen to the people: what they want, what their concerns are, what their desires are. Statewide we bring those issues to our Lansing management team so we see where there are common thoughts. It might be on perch regulation, walleye regulation and ideas on habitat improvement and fish stocking. ”

Keweenaw area anglers were brought up to date on regulation changes to nearby lakes. Also discussed was how climate and other factors will affect fishing this year.

Madison said, “Spring is a good time to get out and fish, get the family out, get away from the TV, get out of the house and end the winter cabin fever. So, if they have questions about where to go, contact a DNR office. We’ve got a lot of information about where to go fishing and how to catch fish.”

Detailed information regarding DNR Fisheries and the 2016–2017 Fishing Guidebook can be found on the DNR website or by calling a DNR office.