Working out to the beat of your own drum

LAURIUM — With the winter months behind us, people are looking for fun and innovative ways to get active without it feeling like a chore.

That’s exactly what cardio drumming has to offer. The class is being offered at the Aspirus Fitness center in Laurium. The instructor, Laura Hamlett, says it’s a relatively new exercise that she brought to the U.P. after hearing about it from friends downstate.

Hamlett said, “Cardio drumming is a mix of exercises that raise your heart rate to burn calories, a little bit of dance, and some strength exercises for arms and legs both. And so I’ve found that anyone, from teenagers on up through senior citizens, can take cardio drumming and have good success with it.”

Hamlett says the classes have been very popular and they will continue this summer. Last summer, the class moved outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Hamlett said, “Any exercise that gets people up off their couch and doing something, especially something fun that they enjoy, is a great exercise for them. Cardio drumming is certainly one of those exercises because just about anyone can do it, from an advanced exerciser to a newbie.”

If you’re not sure what exercise to take on next, the Aspirus Fitness Center in Laurium lets you try your first fitness class for free.