MARQUETTE — Local businesses are prepping their New Year’s Eve festivities already. One local business hopes that you will share the evening with them and party with a purpose.

If there is any local business known for both throwing a great party and helping the community it’s probably Double Trouble Entertainment. This year Double Trouble is throwing a 1920’s themed New Year’s Eve bash at the Masonic Building in downtown Marquette inspired by The Great Gatsby.

Co–Owner of Double Trouble Entertainment Patrick Dignite says, “When you think of New Year’s Eve, that’s kind of what you think of. You think of that Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin that Gatsy–esque… you know you want to put your nice suit on. I don’t know, I want to wear a nice suit.”

The event will have multiple rooms open with food, drinks and, of course, entertainment.

“We have three full rooms and all kind of different concepts. This room that you’re in right is kind of the big, big hoopla room,” Dignite added, “and there’ll be six different DJ’s all throughout the night. Starts at 7:00 [p.m.], goes till three in the morning.”

Ages 21 and up are invited to come out. The $10 ticket includes a photo booth, party favors and food all night and will help support the Ahmed Shrine with their philanthropic work. Guests will get a wrist band with their ticket so that they can party hop downtown if they wish and come back for more fun.

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