Where will you be when the pasty drops?

ESCANABA — For the past few years now, people in the Delta County area have had the opportunity to welcome in the new year with ‘Yooper’ style.

That opportunity will continue this year with the 3rd annual Pasty Drop in downtown Escanaba, which has drawn a lot of attention. At the New Year’s Eve event, C R Meyer hoists the pasty shaped light configuration with a crane adjacent to the DDA building. The pasty is held high enough to see over the buildings on Ludington Street.

“I have many great childhood memories of different things like parades and that down here,” said Escanaba DDA Executive Director Ed Legault, “we want to make sure that the next generation of people have those same type of memories and want to come downtown for different things. Everyone just has fun, and that’s really what it’s about; creating some great memories and letting people know you were here when the pasty dropped.”

The Pasty Drop festivities take place on Thursday following the 9 p.m. fireworks. The event will be filled with door prizes, games, along with real pasties to eat as well.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up our New Year’s Eve plan segment by telling you what the gang here at ABC Ten has in store for our resolutions.