Upper Peninsula Youth Orchestra brings music to life

MARQUETTE — The Upper Peninsula Youth Orchestra has put the final touches together for their upcoming concert. ABC Ten’s Caleb Scanlon brings us the details on their last performance of the year, and what it means to the musicians.

The Upper Peninsula Youth Orchestra consists of some extremely talented and dedicated musicians. The performers come from middle and high school’s from all over the U.P. and together they create a collaborative concert that showcases their distinct abilities. Their upcoming concert will allow those abilities to be in full display.

Along with their talent and mentorship from more adept musicians, the group thrives from their sense of pride and passion for music.

“I enjoy it because it’s an orchestra where I can come here and everyone wants to do the same exact thing as I want to do,” said Escanaba High School Senior Megan Anderson, “and we just all love music so much. It’s nice because not every orchestra you go to is like that.”

They say you play how you practice, and that’s yet another positive aspect going for the group.

“They’re really focused in rehearsal,” said UPYO Co–Director Victoria Gabrielsen, “sometimes it’s like, ‘wow they’re pretty serious’ and they get in the zone when they’re with us for these two hours. The discipline we don’t really have to worry about with U.P.Y.O. because they have their own personal discipline and their own motivation.”

” It makes me want to try harder and practice more. I think they’re very helpful,” said Escanaba Middle School Student Amanda Anderson, “two practices ago I had a really tough time with this one part and we had mentors come in and help us when we were in groups and she helped me a lot with that.”

The orchestra is constantly growing in strength and numbers. This Sunday you can see and hear everything that UPYO has to offer come to life during their final performance of the year at Reynolds Recital Hall on NMU’s campus. The concert begins at 3 p.m. and admission is free.