Non-profit organization desperate for donations

MARQUETTE — As the annual Christmas Giveaway is growing near, there is still a desperate need for more donations.

St. Vincent de Paul associates have set up a “mitten tree” in the Westwood Mall to help bring in donations for their Christmas Giveaway. The community is asked to hang mittens and gloves on the tree to be distributed to families and children in need.

St. Vincent de Paul manager, Stephanie Bordeaux said, “We are lacking in mittens and gloves this year and we are trying to get more. I know winter is slow coming, but it is happening. Happens every year, and this is what we are lacking in as far as clothes.”

Bordeaux says they are really struggling with clothing donations this year and they’re asking for the communities help.

“During the time of Christmas we need to think about giving a little bit. It is not all about presents. It is about making sure everyone is warm and get provided for.”

Hats and scarves can also be hung on the tree and new rather than used items are preferred. The tree is located in the mall near the entrance to Kohl’s. It will remain there until just after Christmas.