Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!

It’s a big birthday milestone for one of America’s beloved television shows. Sesame Street, an American treasure turns 46. It was 1969, Woodstock, Apollo 11, landing on the moon, and Sesame Street landing in living rooms across America.

At first, it was a TV experiment. Could children actually learn from TV? That first year, banned in Mississippi because of its integrated cast.

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Gordon, Susan, and Maria, the first Latina in a major role on television. The other co-stars: Big bird, Bert and Ernie, and Oscar. Did you know he was Orange in the first season? Though, always a grouch. Snuffleupagus was originally an imaginary friend, adults on the show refusing to believe he existed. Producers changed that, fearing the show was discouraging children from sharing important things with their parents, even imaginary friends. When Mr. Hooper died in real life, there were big questions for the producers about what to do. So, they told children the truth: “Mr. Hooper died.”

The milkshakes at Mr. Hooper’s store were $.20 in 1969. They tackled so many issues through the years. Hunger among the more recent. Little lily from a family in need. She drew a crowd with us in central park. [Video]