MARQUETTE — Marquette residents got a chance to have their concerns heard by city staff Wednesday morning.

Mike Angeli, who has been Marquette’s City Manager since mid-October, is continuing the tradition of holding monthly community office hours to hear the questions and concerns of city residents. The office hours allow citizens to get some one-on-one time with Angeli or his staff in an informal setting.

“The history is that the number of people is usually small, but the problems are significant to them,” said Angeli. “They range from anything from a hole in the street to a concern about some piece of construction that’s going on in the city, or some neighbor relationship or something where the city might be involved in helping correct the problem.”

Angeli’s first few weeks on the job have been filled with big agenda items, ranging from work on the relocation of the Municipal Service Center to make way for the new hospital to finishing development plans for Clark Park. The former Chief of Police is also close to naming his successor in that position.

“Captain Blake Reiboldt is the acting chief at this point, and I plan to make an appointment to chief by the end of November, so that position should be filled by the end of this month,” said Angeli.

The appointment made to Chief of Police will need to be approved by the City Commission before it becomes official. City Manager office hour times can be found on the city’s website.