HOUGHTON — After passing away at 32–years–old, a former Michigan Tech PhD graduate’s legacy will continue to help students learn.

Dr. Adam Aaron Gray was an outstanding writer, poet, teacher, tutor, mentor, and much more. He graduated from Ishpeming High School, received his bachelor’s degree from NMU, and earned his PhD at Michigan Tech.

He taught from Lake Linden –Hubbell to New Mexcio to New York. Above all of his outstanding intelligence and achievements Adam loved to pass on his knowledge more than anything else.

“He was extremely generous intellectually,” said Department Chair Ronald Strickland, PhD, “everyone around him was made better by Adam’s presence. The way he shared his learning and also his passion for learning with his fellow classmates and his teachers too.”

After passing away in June, he will still be able to do that.

“His family donated his books to the department and so we created a little space in the graduate student lounge and we have a place for his books, a plaque,” said Colleague Joel Beatty, “and this is kind of an inauguration, or a commemoration, and a memorialization of his life.”

Gray’s former advisors, colleagues, and family all agree that this is an excellent way to carry on his legacy.

“This has been a really great honor as a family member of Adam’s,” said Dr. Gray’s Sister Samantha Scanlon, “to see his work rewarded both at Michigan Tech University where he achieved his PhD and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where he was teaching. He would be so proud. He was a brilliant writer, scholar, and musician. As a family member (I’m) really proud.”

The graduate student lounge is located in the Walker Arts and Humanities Center on campus. Students can borrow the books free of charge for years to come while continuing Dr. Adam Aaron Gray’s passion of learning.