EWEN TROUT CREEK — Voters will decide Tuesday on the fate of the bond proposal for the Ewen-Tout Creek Schools.

A leaky roof, a troublesome heating system and buses that continually break down-these are all problems being faced by the Ewen-Trout Creek Consolidated School District. Voters are being asked to support a $4.49 million dollar bond proposal to fix these and other issues.

Ewen-Trout Creek Schools Superintendent Alan Tulppo said, “The building is nearly 20 years old and the district has maintained the equipment according to a regular schedule of maintenance, but things are reaching the end of their useful life.”

Other upgrades to the infrastructure would include LED lighting for the parking lot and other measures to improve energy efficiency. Money would also be used to buy two new school buses.

Tulppo said, “Our bus mechanic does a really nice job of maintaining the fleet, but we travel a lot of secondary roads in the district and the buses take a beating on some of the secondary roads. So, just through normal wear and tear, they, too, are beginning to reach the end of their useful life.”

If approved, residents would see an average increase of 1.7 mills.