ESCANABA — Congressman Dan Benishek and the Veterans Assistance Fair made it’s way to Escanaba today.

After eight successful veterans assistance fairs across the district, Escanaba can now be added to the list. These type of one on one assistance opportunities are designed to give veterans a more personal approach.

“What we do is bring together professionals in one place where local veterans can get access to the care that they have earned,” said Congressman Dan Benishek, “so there’s educational specialist here, PTSD specialists, people familiar with the VA as far as their health systems and disability claims. Anything that a veteran might need we’re offering here today.”

“A lot of times people get frustrated and not just veterans but to actually talk to somebody and not be on a telephone trying to get through numbers or whatever it might be,” said Senator Tom Casperson, “this is personal, they can sit down and work out the paperwork so they don’t send it in, have to get it sent back. It gives them a great opportunity to get it all done in one shot. ”

If you are a veteran that was unable to attend one of these assistance fairs and would like to seek help, Congressman Benishek said to give them a call and they’d be happy to help.

You can call them at 202-225-4735.

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