Store denies bed bugs rumor

CALUMET — A popular free store in Calumet is getting bugged about a vicious rumor that has been circulating about them.

The New Beginning’s Angel Mission on 5th Street has been the target of alleged misinformation claiming the store is infested with bed bugs. One of the store’s co-directors says there has not been any evidence to support such a rumor and they would know if there was.

Store Co-Director Lynn Lanyon said, “If there was anything brought into the store with bed bugs, bed bugs spread very quickly and easily. The store would be contaminated along with anything any of us are wearing. We would be bringing them home and we would have them in our houses.”

The Angel Mission accepts donations of clothing and other household items then offers them for free to the public. Except for the rumor, there have not been any formal complaints from customers and the store has not been contacted by the health department.

Rather than being forced to incur the expense of a professional inspection, the folks at the Angel Mission just want the truth to win out.

Lanyon said, “The only other thing we could do is to get somebody in there and check our store and the cost is very high and we are run on donations. I’d like to please just put a stop to this. It’s completely false.”


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