FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — Police officers are often portrayed in a bad light in the media these days, but most of them work hard to keep our communities safe.

In Forsyth Township, three officers were honored for doing just that. Corporal Brian Kjellin and Officers Jesse Cadwell and Adam Whitely received the Lifesaving Award after saving a suicidal man with a gun from killing himself.

“This is just one example of situations that occur every hour across the country with officers saving lives, and I’m proud that these officers were able to do this for this gentleman,” said Gordon Warchock, Chief of Police.

“I’m just doing my job, I mean, it comes with the territory. This is part of the job, there’s good things and bad things, but the totality of the job overall, it’s a great experience for anybody,” added Jesse Cadwell, who was a recipient of the Lifesaving Award.

The officers were presented with the award Thursday night at the Forsyth Township Board Meeting. Their families were in attendance to celebrate their heroism.

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