MARQUETTE — A plea agreement has been reached in the case of an armed robbery at a pharmacy in Ishpeming.

33-year-old Ryan Allman of Negaunee pleaded guilty to the charge of armed robbery in Marquette County Circuit Court this morning. That charge carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, but a sentence of five to fifteen years is stipulated in the plea agreement.

Allman was arrested in June after the robbery of Snyders Express Pharmacy at gun point. Video obtained from a local restaurant allegedly showed Allman throwing a plastic toy gun into a dumpster after the incident.

“Tell me what you did that makes you guilty?” questioned Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi.

“I went into Johnson’s Pharmacy with a plastic gun and demanded prescriptions, and ran out after I got them,” said Allman.

“And was the plastic gun that you used one that, when you presented it to the person and demanded something, they could reasonably believe it was a dangerous weapon?” asked Mazzuchi.

“I believe so, your honor,” Allman replied.

Allman will face sentencing on October 23rd. If the judge does not sentence in accordance with the agreement at that time, Allman will have the right to withdraw his plea.

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