Upper Yoopers’ Barbershop Chorus recruits new members

MARQUETTE — You may not think of yourself as a very good singer, but one local musical group believes everyone can sing at least one note.

That was the theme of the Upper Yoopers Barbershop Chorus’s Guest Night tonight. The group invited members of the community to try their hand at singing the longest, highest and lowest note.

“Our guest night is to help grow the chapter, and it’s not just for old white guys anymore. We have ladies, we have gentlemen, we have old people, we have young people. It’s open to all ages, all genders, all races and all abilities,” said Pete Stephens–Brown, President of the Chorus.

Singers took home a nice certificate if they won, but the competition was all in good fun. The Chorus does have some serious intents too, though.

“Our purpose is to raise money for kids’ singing with our own singing. So, we’ll do some singing and earn some money here and there around the community and that money can go toward the other school groups that are always underfunded, that need a little help, and we can help with that,” added Stephens–Brown.

If you’d like more information on joining the Upper Yoopers Barbershop Chorus, follow this link.

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