IRON MOUNTAIN — Local law enforcement hit the streets once again to help raise money for the Special Olympics.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics made its way to Iron Mountain. The flame for the fundraiser has only shined brighter with time, raising over $460 million dollars worldwide since its inception in the early 80’s.

“The Law Enforcement Run for Special Olympics is designed to raise awareness and funds Special Olympics in the state of Michigan,” said member of one of the U.P. Travel Teams Trooper Tim Oliver, “25% of the funds stay in the county of which the funds are raised, and the rest of the money goes to the state office to help fund summer games, winter games, activities that Special Olympics hold for the athletes so there’s no cost to the families or the athletes that are able to go and participate in these events.”

All of the athletes have made the best out of this opportunity.

“I was in basketball for Special Olympics and I won,” said Participant Austin Motto.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run is the single largest grassroots fundraising effort for Special Olympics. A lot of the success of the event can be credited to the contagious joy from those who participate.

“It’s so much fun just to come out and have a positive interaction between the general community members and law enforcement,” added Oliver, “with today’s day and age it’s great to see people still come out to support us and we get to give back to the community by doing these kinds of events.”

“I’m glad I’m here today,” said Participant Marcus McGuire, “and I gotta say I’m very proud of my mom and my step–dad, I wish you could be here. I love you.”

If you’d like to help the cause and weren’t able to make it to the event click here.

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