ISHPEMING — ‘906’ is the beloved area code in the Upper Peninsula and it’s this Sunday’s date. For one local business owner the day has a lot of significance.

For the owner and Designer of Yooper Shirts Jeremy Symon, September 6th is a very important date.

“9-06 is actually my mother’s birthday. She was a single mother, she raised me and my three older sisters,” Symons added, “and has been my inspiration you know my whole entire life. You know she was like influential on like following my dreams, and doing something that I love, and you know, kind of guiding me in the direction of, ‘What do you love to do?’ and that was graphic design.”

This Sunday also marks the two-year anniversary of Yooper Shirts’ current location at the Gossard Building in Ishpeming. For aspiring business owners, he says the key to success is combination of a couple things.

Symons says, “You have to be really passionate about it and love it, and work at it every single day. The key to success is consistency, and just having passion and loving what you do.”

The store offers clothing and accessories with creative spins on 906 and Yooperisms. This weekend to celebrate 906, Yooper Shirts will offer an online special.

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